Just One More Thing…

Woke up with a bad case of “the Mondays”.

My cases of “the Mondays” are less bummed that the weekend is over, and more like an intense pang of stress because a new, and potentially horrible, work week is beginning.

You know, so I can make more minor mistakes that will haunt me non-stop for days at a time and put me on edge for every second I am at my place of employment.

Did my boss just sound annoyed at me on the phone? Probably not, but I will probably believe she is for the rest of the work day… and then when I get home. Probably I will fall asleep trying to banish the thought from my head. I will likely wake up terrified to go to work because I am, by now, entirely sure my boss hates me.

Paranoia and harsh self-criticism is a lot more crippling than people think.

I like to think I just have very high expectations for myself [or something uplifting sounding].

When I got home from work I pretty much spent the whole night playing Mass Effect on my 360 so I could numb out my brain a bit. The Xanax didn’t do the trick today.

Oh hey, another 4 days of work before Halloween.

I will carve the pumpkin and roast the seeds.

See? Positive thinking.


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